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Man of letters

Man of letters: Rotarian Ahmes Ghabrial and literacy education in Egypt
2012-08-29 | Author: Rotary More about »

Elementary schools in Mexico City enjoy the gift of clean water

U.S. and Mexican districts improve the lives of tens of thousands of students
2012-08-27 | Author: Rotary More about »

Global grant provides water, sanitation for school children in Mozambique

Rotary club project funds a water tank and repairs crumbling bathrooms at a primary school outside Maputo.
2012-08-27 | Author: Rotary More about »

Rotary news in brief from around the globe

To celebrate 100 years of Rotary in Florida, the state's first club raised funds for a mobile health bus.
2012-08-24 | Author: Rotary More about »

Regional membership plans offer a new tool for attracting and retaining members

Plans take into account each region’s strengths, opportunities, and challenges in setting targets.
2012-08-16 | Author: Rotary More about »

Small grants pay off big for students

California Rotary club’s project opens new vistas of discovery for local students.
2012-08-14 | Author: Rotary More about »

Rotarians in Kyiv celebrate 20 years of Rotary in Ukraine

Watch a video in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Rotary Club of Kyiv, Ukraine.
2012-08-13 | Author: Rotary More about »

Rotarians share tips for recruiting new members

Rotarians in Benin, Brazil share their successes in recruiting members.
2012-08-09 | Author: Rotary More about »

New traditions bring in younger Rotarians

Rotary Club of South Metro Minneapolis Evenings succeeds in attracting young members.
2012-08-09 | Author: Rotary More about »

Daredevil Rotarian no stranger to adventure

Chertsy Rotarian helping provide security for the London Olympics.
2012-08-02 | Author: Rotary More about »