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RI Treasurer Elizabeth S. Demaray dies

Past governor and member of the Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie was first woman to serve as RI’s treasurer.
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District grant projects meet multiple needs in India

Impact on communities’ quality of life is significant, says Rotary district leader.
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'Engage Rotary, Change Lives' is 2013-14 RI theme

Download and share theme graphics, and start getting ready for the 2013-14 Rotary year.
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Rotarians team up with students to provide clean water

Middle school class project in Illinois, USA, becomes a platform for clean water efforts.
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Group hopes to raise US$3 million to restore Rotary founder's home

Southside Chicago house, where Paul and Jean Harris hosted Rotary meetings and entertained visiting Rotarians, is badly in need of repairs.
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See photos from the 2013 International Assembly

Download and share images from the 2013 International Assembly, Rotary's annual training event for incoming leaders.
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Incoming district leaders learn about new grant model

Rotarians everywhere will benefit from the training their new leaders bring home from the International Assembly.
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Rotary’s leadership considered vital to eradicating polio

Aylward cites great progress in speech to 2013 International Assembly.
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Canadian Interact club wins 2012 video contest

Grand-prize entry profiles five projects that have made a difference locally and globally.
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Global grant provides clean water for Turkish schools, builds Rotary awareness

Global grant project illustrates how Rotarians make a larger, more lasting impact with Rotary’s new grant model.
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