Rotary Club “Dipolis” begins a project „BE STRESO II“

Project objective - contribute to public health through prevention, psychological resistance increasing educational, consultative and motivating nature services in the city of Kaunas 10-12 grade...

Y2016 Rotary Foundation Seminar in Bačkonys

On March 4th in Bačkonys conference center was held District 1462 Rotary Foundation Seminar.

RC "Dipolis": Rotary Youth Exchange 2015-2016

On the 20th of August Rotary Brotherhood “Dipolis” send off Ms. Urtė as 2015-2016 season Rotary Youth Exchange student to Taiwan capital. A few days later “Dipolis” met Ms. Vivian,...

Rotaract in Lithuania: 20 years of outstanding service

This year is special because of a few significant occasions for Rotary and Rotaract in Lithuania.

The 44-th Nordic Rotary Golf Championship in the Baltic 2014

The 44-th Nordic Rotary Golf Championship in the Baltic 2014 took place in Vilnius August 18-20. It was organized by Vilnius Rotary club as well as Vilnius Dipolis Rotary club.

Litter-buster keeps her city clean

Wendy Marcus calls herself a bag lady: On her frequent walks around her neighborhood, she is never without a plastic bag, which she fills with everything from plastic wrappers to bottle caps to...

Council approves dues increase, unlimited e-clubs

Representatives from Rotary’s 532 districts met in downtown Chicago 21-26 April, approving a number of measures designed to strengthen Rotary, increase membership, and enhance the...

Rotary receives top honors for Future Vision

Rotary has received a silver Edison Award in recognition of the Future Vision Plan, the new grant model that enhances the scope, impact, and sustainability of humanitarian and educational projects...

Global Vaccine Summit yields US$4 billion in funding commitments to polio endgame plan

The 2013-18 Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan and about US$4 billion in funding commitments took center stage at the Global Vaccine Summit in Abu Dhabi 24-25 April.
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