RC "Dipolis" implemented suicide prevention “Be Streso II” project

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The project was launched informally in 2017 February 10th in the Santakos Valley building of the KTU university, where RC "Dipolis" President Aurelijus Daškevičius conducted an experimental vitality session for schoolchildren and self-government representatives - 400 pupils from all over Lithuania.
Below qualitative and quantitate achievements:
1. 17 STUDENT EVENTS IN SCHOOLS (Among the topics: "Suicide prevention", "Dependency prevention", "Vital Session - to excite positive emotions")
2. 20 PRACTICAL ACTIVITIES SEMINARS IN SCHOOLS (Among the topics: "Friendship Camp", "Positive Self-Image Enhancement Exercises")
3. 4 PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL EVENTS (Specialists Dialogue with Visitor Guests: Presentation of Live Stories, Professional Insights, and Discussion with the Audience)
4. 50 INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATIONS (The aim is to provide counseling for professional psychologists to all pupils expressing their needs)
5. 1 EVENT - "SHOWING CHANGE IN THE WORLD", was held on November 30th, at the Kaunas Cinema Center "Romuva", where 5 educational institutions and over 100 schoolchildren competed for the best short film nomination
6. CREATED PREVENTIVE FILM / METHODIC ACTIVITY "Without Masks" (The goal was to create an educational, methodological tool in the format of a video format for the development of mental health)
During the whole project we reached over 2,500 children. With 2,000 children we had lessons of two hours, after which some risky thoughts have changed in their lives. They became happier. They understood how important it was to spot a person who was in a state of despair.
The project has been recognized at national level also. Twice in December broadcasted live reports via LRT national television about the activities carried out in Project, accompanied with press articles on alfa.lt, 15min.lt, Kauno diena www websites and newspapers.
For more information about our activities, visit FB at: www.facebook.com/bestresoII.


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