The 44-th Nordic Rotary Golf Championship in the Baltic 2014

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The 44-th Nordic Rotary Golf Championship in the Baltic 2014 took place in Vilnius August 18-20. It was organized by Vilnius Rotary club as well as Vilnius Dipolis Rotary club. Guests from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania participated in the competition, which for the first time was held in non-Scandinavian country.  The IGRF president of Lithuania and the initiator of the tournament Mindaugas Glinskis is happy that the  Baltic states were inspired by Lithuanians’ initiative and next year this event will take place on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia.
Participants competed in the European Center Golf Club and the Capitals Golf Club. The first day started with the short musical performance. After this cheerful introduction the golf players took part in the team competition.
The results:
1st place- Tones Toompuu (Estonia), Aage Ronn Cgristensen (Denmark), Jaanus Polluaar (Estonia), Bengt Persson (Sweden).
2nd place -  Hanne Vad (Denmark), Raimo Ylivakeri (Finland) Remigijus Savickas (Lithuania), Esa Karjula (Finland).
3rd place - Henrik Lundgaard (Denmark), Laimut? Tinglum (Lithuania), Antero Paalanen (Finland), Kalle Gulf (Estonia).
There were 9 teams, that consisted of 4 members. The first day finished with the evening dinner, the Labutis jazz duet and violonist Andrius Malinauskas.
During the second and the third competition's days participants played in the Nordic individual Rotary golf championship rounds.
Group results (HCP 0-18.0, Stoke Play format): 1st place - Aurelius Rusteika (Lithuania), 2nd place - Antero Paalanen (Finland), 3rd place - Urmas jump (Estonia).
Group B results (18.1-36.0 HCP, Stableford format): 1st place - Remigijus Savickas (Lithuania), 2nd place - Romualdo B?kšta (Lithuania), 3rd place - Ole Linnemann-Shmidt (Denmark).
Results of Group C (0-18.0 HCP, participants: Rotarians' spouses, Stoke Play format): 1st place - Jolanta Zabarauskien? (Lithuania), 2nd place - Anita Persson (Sweden), 3rd place - Pirila Maija (Finland).
Group D results (18.1-36.0 HCP,  participants: Rotarians's spouses, Stableford format): 1st place - Hanne Vad (Denmark), 2nd place - Bodhild Seatrevik (Norway), 3rd place - Heda Gulf (Estonia).
Best scratch score - Aurelius Rusteika (Lithuania). Best stableford score - Remigijus Savickas (Lithuania).
The three-day golf festival culminated with the awards ceremony in Trakai, where winners were honored. Also, participants had an excursion in Trakai castle, where the performance of medieval battles was shown. Governor of the District 1462 Vygintas Grinis congratulated all golf players and asked them to come back to Lithuania to the golf tournament of Rotariada in September.
Guests enjoyed the competition and stated that they would like to come back. They were fascinated not only by the excellent organization of the tournament, but also by the Lithuanian culture, food and people. Participants visited Gediminas Castle, Vilnius Cathedral, Trakai Castle. Some quests also managed to find free time for visiting Kernav?, the Europe park and Vilnius TV tower.
Everybody claimed that the Golf Fellowship offers extraordinary opportunity for international cooperation and communication. A guest from Denmark Ole Linnemann-Shmidt noted in his speech that "the real power of Rotary society is the unity of communication, that is leaded by the Rotary spirit".


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